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Future and Emerging Technologies (FET) activities aim to create in Europe a fertile ground for responsible and dynamic multi-disciplinary collaborations on future technologies and for kick-starting new European research and innovation ecosystems around them.

These will be seeds for future industrial leadership and for tackling society's grand challenges in new ways.


The FET Open call is a part of the European Innovation Council (EIC) pilot. It provides the EIC with a bold exploratory engine that shatters the frontiers of current thinking. All FET Open projects, even if far from today's markets, are full of great ideas to inspire the entrepreneurial minds that the EIC attracts.

A bottom-up selection process widely open to any research idea builds up a diverse portfolio of new research directions. Early detection of promising new areas, developments and trends, along with attracting new and high-potential research and innovation players, are key factors.

By being part of the EIC pilot, FET Open participants have access to the assistance, networking and financing possibilities offered by the EIC thus further increasing the leverage and increased impact from the initial high-risk investment in FET projects.


For any specific questions or guidance on FET, please contact the NCPs FNRS (FR) or FWO (NL) directly.