Are you looking for EU funded Research and Innovation opportunities for a project idea in the field of Cities?

Find here, among the many EU funding opportunities for companies, researchers, civil society and innovators, the programmes relevant to your project. 


I.  HORIZON 2020 - R&I Funding 

Horizon 2020 is the 2014-2020 EU funding programme for Research and Innovation. It covers the whole research and innovation value chain, from large-scale international collaborative research projects to smaller projects with an objective of market and societal impact. 

Horizon 2020 is implemented through biannual work programmes, setting all the calls for proposals and the topics for funding. Every year calls for proposals are open for these pre-defined research and innovation topics.

Call for proposals from the EIC Pilot and Fast track to innovation scheme set 3 to 4 cut-off dates per year.


Under Horizon 2020, cities are addressed mostly in the work Programmes of the following Societal Challenge

Industrial Leadership in ICT for topics about smart homes and grid, big data solutions for energy, smart hospital 

• Societal Challenge 2 “Food Security, Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry, Marine and Maritime and Inland Water Research and the Bioeconomy” for topics about innovative and citizen-driven food system approaches in cities and urban biowaste

• Societal Challenge 3  “Secure, Clean and Efficient Energy” for the renewed Smart Cities and Communities call

• Societal Challenge 5 "Climate action, Resource Efficiency and Raw Materials" for topics about air pollution, circular cities, nature-based solutions, health and well-being in cities, cultural heritage

• Societal Challenge 6 “Europe in a changing world - inclusive, innovative and reflective societies” for topics fostering socioeconomic and cultural transformations. 

A list of relevant topics for cities can be found on the website of NCPs CaRE, the network of NCPs for Climate Change, Environment and Resource Efficiency to which NCPs Brussels participate. 


Did you know that you could have opportunities within other areas? For calls for proposals from other societal challenges that might be of interest for this area, please check the SYNERGIES here.

For other specific instruments please see our section SMEs : Menu EU Funding >> SMEs 




EUROSTARS is a transnational funding scheme from the EUREKA Programme. Its aim is to help “R&D performing SMEs” whatever the sector to get their innovation faster to the market and lead international R&D projects. You can contact INNOVIRIS for more information. EUROSTARS-2 is open to all sectors.

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Joint Programming Initiatives (JPI) are transnational funding whereby member states organize joint calls for proposals based on a common research agenda. The application process is organized by an international secretariat and funding comes from regional bodies according to their eligibility and financial rules.

JPI Urban Europe calls for proposals can be of interest for the cities: it aims at co-funding projects that promote an attractive, sustainable and economically viable urban areas. 

Your contact in Brussels: INNOVIRIS.

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The Association of the City and Municipalities of the Brussels Capital Region is offering information a dedicated service to municipalities from the Brussels-Capital Region to identify EU funding for all projects. Brulocalis is working in partnership with NCP Brussels. 

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